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Myspace Safety For Kids

Posted by OoPyroManiacOo from Conwy - Published on 21/11/2012 at 12:21
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Unfortunately, this is one of those moments that parents dread. Your kids are probably going to find a way to use MySpace, so you may be better off having them do so at home under your supervision. The good news is that there are some safe guards in place you can use to help protect your kids. First, though, you need to understand why MySpace is a danger for your children.

The Ugly Truth
1.Kids connect with people they shouldn't.

MySpace is a social networking site. It's designed to connect people. Unfortunately, MySpace is also a slice of the real world. That means that, along with all of the friendly people, there are plenty of not-so-nice kids and adults looking to cause your child harm.

2.Kids see things they shouldn't.

MySpace is open to all ages and personalities. The site has got quite a bit of highly suggestive and nearing-on-the-pornographic content. It's easy to stumble upon something you'll wish you hadn't.

3.Kids post things they shouldn't.

For some reason, kids (and a lot of adults) think that their online profiles are private. They post their own suggestive pictures and stories, they share far too much personal information, and they make up vicious lies about each other to get revenge. Some kids will even share their full name, address and phone number freely with others.

As more and more people use the Internet to perform background searches, everyone should put more thought into what they say and do online. There are plenty of stories of people losing their jobs, getting expelled, and not getting into college based on information they posted on the Internet.

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Commented 23 months ago - 21st November 2012 - 12:45pm

Hi, thanks for sharing this, it is really important that people realise what they do online can affect what they do offline!



Commented 23 months ago - 28th November 2012 - 19:49pm

Thanks! Now people know,what-could,happen

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