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Swine Flu In Wales

Posted by archifCLICarchive from Cardiff - Published on 13/07/2009 at 11:35
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Yn Gymraeg

With 8 more cases of swine flu in Wales the total is now up to 50.

“The swine flu in Wales is not very severe,” said Dr Tony Jewell, Chief Medical Officer for Wales.

We see some evidence of this when we compare it with the rest of Britain, with over 6,162 cases in England, 1,325 in Scotland and only 43 in Northern Ireland. There are also confirmed cases in 120 other countries. From all of these, only 100 cases needed hospitalisation and only 4 deaths.

Dr Tony Jewell also said, “We have warned people that there will be cases in Wales and, in some cases, deaths. As with the annual flu there are deaths, especially if someone suffers from medical complications.”

So from looking at this maybe the flu is no more harmful than the annual flu, but it’s something new to us.

“We will be concentrating on giving vaccines to the ones who are most at risk, pregnant women, children under 5 and those with chronic diseases,” he said.

The advice given is to use a paper tissue and to throw it away instantly, wash your hands regularly or use special liquid. If anyone suffers with flu symptoms stay home to avoid spreading it. No one should go to the doctors or the accident and emergency department, and if you are unsure of the symptoms look online, or call your local doctor.

On Thursday Andy Burnham, Health Secretary, said that Britain is moving from trying to stop the virus spreading to trying to treat the virus. This means that attempts to stop spreading the virus are going to come to an end, to concentrate on treating the ones who have the virus. Burnham said: “The number of cases is doubling every week and, if it carries on like this, we could see over 100,000 people every day by the end of August.”

The changes we will see while fighting against the virus begins are that medicine will be available to everyone who shows symptoms of flu. The medicine will not be given to people who are perfectly healthy to try and stop the flu spreading. GP’s will also be able to recognise the flu from the symptoms, and there will be no need for lab results.

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